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    ARMQA Activities
  • 1.1. Study and evaluation of European quality control systems and measures
  • 1.2. Study and critical analysis of the existing quality assurance mechanisms and regulations in YSU and SEUA
  • 2.1. Elaboration and discussion of the internal QA issues in YSU and SEUA
  • 3.1. Establishment of the permanent units of organisation responsible for quality assurance mechanisms development and implementation
  • 3.2. Equipment purchase for the quality assurance units in YSU and SEUA
  • 4.1. Preparation of the training course for the YSU and SEUA teaching and administrative staff
  • 4.2. Carry out training for the YSU and SEUA teaching and administrative staff
  • 5.1. Organisation of seminar devoted to QA at Universities, its current state and tasks to accomplish
  • 5.2. Organisation of seminar devoted to newly developed QA system at YSU and SEUA
  • 5.3. Presenting achievements to the Rectors Council of Armenia and MESA/National Institute of Education
  • 6.1. Development of a long-term plan for the establishment of QA culture in Armenian higher education system
  • 7.1. Midterm reports preparation by contractor/coordinator and involved Universities and feedbacks from visiting staff
  • 7.2. Permanent monitoring by YSU and SEUA administration and the staff of the involved partner institutions
  • 8.1. The project management on the consortium level
  • 8.2 Local management of the Project in Armenia